April 24, 2009

every day is earth day.

So I sort of forgot to celebrate earth day. I realized the day after, april 23, that the day prior was earth day. dangit. I am really bad at remember things and dates (unless it's my birthday). Disney and BBC even collaborated and made a movie called earth (basically a glorified episode of planet earth) and released it on earth day. There you go again disney, always being politically correct and showing us that you care about our kids and the world we live in. the world is happier because of you. hats off to you, walt. Anyways, I haven't seen the movie yet but plan too.

I've realized, However, that missing earth day is not too big a deal if you treat every day like earth day. There's always a plastic bottle you can recycle instead of throwing it away in the garbage. or riding your bike instead of driving. or playing outside and enjoying the earth instead of staying inside.. on the computer.. blogging. (crap. )

If we don't start treating mother earth with a little more respect we're going to melt and then the u.s. will partially submerge under water and the polar bears will die and global warming will have won! okay, a bit dramatic- I'm not even a huge fighter against global warming. Rather, I'm on mother earth's team. Sure, let's help the enviroment, but let's not get crazy with all the drama you environmentalist like to bring with the whole global warming thing. just take it easy guys, especially you al gore. The only inconvenient truth you have to share is the fact that you did not actually invent the internet.

But seriously, let's give mother earth a helping hand. Perhaps if we were a bit more considerate and acknowledged her beauty, she wouldn't hit us with a snowstorm in the middle of april. let's take time to not only help the environment but notice it too. some examples of things we might take notice of.. flowers: you're not pointless. even if some boys like to think you serve no actual purpose- I sure do. I love you, so please stick around. mountains: your ruggedness is a breath of fresh air. (seriously- a breath of really unpolluted, fresh air). beach: you've created the perfect getaway and pure bliss and although your water may be salty I appreciate the fact that it cleans up and heals my open wounds and scrapes. sun: you warm my body and tan my skin- i'm eternally grateful for you. the list could go on but you get the gist. basically we could all list a billion reasons why we love mother earth and therefore we should show our love. recycle, ride bikes, play outside, swim, hike, dress up as mother earth for halloween to really show you care, drive less, plant a tree, etc.

here's to earth and making every day earth day.

April 17, 2009

some people get married and have babies..

...and some take finals.

Finals week has begun, but to keep myself sane I grant myself little breaks to facebook, blog stalk, g-chat, and other such virtual distractions.  While I was taking a little break I was going through a lot of friends blogs and not only does it seem that most of my friends are married and I get to hear all about how great their husbands are and the fun things they are doing with their buddies, they are now having babies too.  Now mind you there's only a few that are prego but I feel this is a new wave coming in and will soon bring others on it.  The marriage wave came and while most of my friends got on, I didn't.  But that's okay because for now I can just read your blogs and get tips on marriage and throw you bridal showers and baby showers soon and be happy for you because you found your buddy.  

As for now, I'm gonna kick it with Harold (BYU's library) riding the finals wave.   

p.s. the picture above is of a baby (obvi) and the good man, harold b. lee himself. 

April 13, 2009

sweet tooth.

I have a problem. I am obsessed with sweets.

Yesterday, (happy easter) I ate so many treats that I got a canker sore. This is not the first time I have gotten a canker sore from consuming too much sugar. Even now as I am typing I am chewing on some candy, even with my not-all-the-way healed canker sore. At this rate I'll have it for awhile.  

I don't know what it is but I am constantly craving sweets. After every meal I feel that I deserve a treat.  This mentality really started in London where I devoured treats constantly.  (Mind you this was after I ate the 3 baguettes for dinner, now you know why everyone gains weight in London)  In London there were so many new places to try and all new sweets to taste.  Let's just say they make our chocolate seem like tasteless wax compared to their creamy delights. Between Hummingbird cupcakes, galaxy chocolate bars, M & S percy pigs, and waffles at the waffle stand I turned into a sweet-a-holic.  Each day was a new day to eat treats and to find new places that had treats for me to try. treats treats treats. I loved (and still do) treats.

I recently tried to lessen my consumption by making it a lent decision.  No, I wasn't like most people who gave up sugar completely for lent, I was just giving up multiple amounts of sugar each day.  My goal was committed to just eating one treat a day.  That lasted about a week.  (I also tried doing that in london- joke was on me cuz it lasted a day)  I'm not the best at self control when it involves sugar, or the lack thereof.

It's obvious that I have an addiction. Some girls are addicted to diet coke, and some, such as myself, are addicted to sweets.  Not sure what I can do to help this addiction, but quite frankly not sure if I even want to. 

I'm a sugary fiend.

April 7, 2009

tired of studying..

..so I'm blogging instead.

I am sitting here trying to do anything but more school work.  I don't know what it is, but I get in certain moods where I am tired of doing school work and have absolutely no motivation to do any work.  I can't focus at all.  While letting my mind wander and thinking how I procrastinate and avoid doing a lot of homework and studying unless I am under pressure, I was reminded of my ceramics class in high school and the inspiring and somewhat crazy words of Mr. Watson, the eclectic ceramics teacher. Each day he had a quote or thought of the day.  Much of those words have left my memory, however, some have stayed.  One idea that we talked about I have thought about frequently, and my memory reminded me again about it tonight.  It is the idea that students are like a boiling pot of water.  We don't move or do anything until heat is applied.  Now I don't remember the exact quote but that is the gist of the idea and how true it is.  So many times I wont do work unless it is due the next day, or even in the next couple hours.  Rather than being on top of things and spreading things out over a few days, I tend to wait til the last possible time that I can to start working and still have enough time (hopefully) to finish.  

me = stagnant pot of water. 

Perhaps some day I'll be a little bit better about not procrastinating all my homework until the last minute, but as for now, I don't see it happening anytime soon.  But hey, thanks for the inspiring words Mr. Watson, maybe one day I'll turn these thoughts into actions.

April 1, 2009

howl he ever be cured?

(pun intended)

I came across this wolf boy/man when I was looking up weird and random diseases and syndromes with my friend. (don't ask questions) The caption read, "howl he ever be cured?" A pun at its finest. I don't know if anyone else agrees but I find puns to be quite humorous. Sadly, I am laughing at this poor mans expense because his facial hair grows far too fast. But perhaps he'd think it was funny too. Because let's be honest, it is. Anyways I don't know how[l] he'll actually be cured, he's in a bit of a "hairy" situation, but the best I can offer him is a a good razor.
best of luck, wolf man boy.