April 9, 2010

brighter days

In lieu of the sun finally shining and good advertising I give you this lovely commercial- there's just something so happy about the sun, especially when you haven't seen it for 31 days like these people.

see, not all advertising is evil.

***If you loved the song like I did it's called The Great Escape by Patrick Watson

April 7, 2010

film reviews {5}

Watching films is one of my favorite hobbies. I know it might sound like a lazy hobby compared to those of you who love doing pilates, dance, or rock the triathlon scene, but I can't help but love a good movie. Well to feed this passion I decided to take a film class here at BYU to better understand all the elements of film and perhaps have some sort of credibility when I make all sorts of claims and opinions about a movie I've watched. So I've decided to post a few reviews of movies I have recently watched in my film class. A quick disclaimer though, many of these films are not your typical blockbuster so if Transformers or any of the Nicolas Sparks movies are your thing, than these films may not be for you..


A classic. This film has been ranked as the number one film in countless lists. It was quite a big deal during its time and very progressive filmmaking. The story line is very interesting. For the time, lighting and sound was very artistic and innovative. Either way, if you are into film than you should probably see the one that is at the top of the list.

TO LIVE (1994):

This is a chinese film (english subtitles) during the time of communism and Mao Zedong. Initially I wasn't sure about the film but by the end I really enjoyed it. A sort of sad story but really gives an interesting perspective of the political movement and culture in China during that time period (1940-1970's) so if you are interested in that culture or communism for that matter, than this is your film.


A more recent film and a fun one for sure. The style of the film is very unique, especially the design- really bright colors and just a very interesting, unique design. A little Alice in Wonderland-ish slash japanese style. I felt it was a fresh depiction of a cartoon/comic type film. (Speed Racer was once a cartoon) The design may not be for everyone but I thought it was unlike anything I have ever seen and was a fun film to watch.


This film wasn't one from my film class but another one I watched recently. The film is about an independent girl in high school prepping to go to Oxford, however plans start to change we she meets a much older man who shows her a different world of clubs, shows, and beautiful things. An interesting story of growing up and trying to figure out what is important. The ending was a little abrupt but the film was good no less.


Great movie. A very good insight to the world of high fashion. It really made me appreciate fashion more and how it is much more than expensive taste but an art form. Chanel's story is very interesting and the French actor, Audrey Tautou (also starred in Amelie which is AMAZING) does a really good job. Just an overall great film and truly worth watching, whether you are into fashion or not.

These are just a few of the movies I have watched recently. I found each of them worth watching, however for different reasons. I don't claim to be some sort of know-it-all film critic, just someone who loves movies and wants to share. Enjoy watching!