July 27, 2010

summer reads

Isn't summer great?  Not only is it the time of great weather, vacations, and bbq's but it is also a time when you are able to have more time to read good books.  Taking a book to the pool or on vacation is prime, or if you are like me reading in the middle of the day whenever you want because you don't have a job yet also works.  Recently I have finished a couple books and am just starting a new one.  Here are my brief reviews on the two:

LIFE OF PI by Yann Martel

I really enjoyed Life of Pi.  Many people may have read this in high school but I never did so I decided to read it.  Ultimately it is about a boy stranded in the middle of the ocean on a boat with a tiger- but trust me it is not as weird as it sounds. The book is very symbolic and would actually be a great one to discuss.  I really like how the boy talks about different religions and the message at the end. Some say the middle of the book drags on a bit but perhaps because I was forewarned I was kept interested the whole time.  The writing is well done and overall I really enjoyed the book and would recommend it- especially if you had someone to talk to about it.

CATCHING FIRE (book 2 of Hunger Games) by Suzanne Collins

Well for those of you who liked the first book of this series than I am sure you already read this book or are thinking about reading it.  It's about as good as the first and of course always keeps you interested.  Keep in mind it is a book for younger readers so it's a quick read and keeps you entertained more than it focuses on eloquent writing.  But I think they are a fun series so if you are looking for an easy, fast-paced, quick read than I'd say this is your perfect laying-out-by-the-pool kinda read.  The third book comes out in August!

Well for now that is it.  I have just started THE HELP by Kathryn Stockett and hear great things- I'll let you know how it goes.. Aren't books the best?

"Good books are as friends, willing to give to us if we are willing to make a little effort." -President Hinckley

July 14, 2010

NYC photo dump

Ok so turns out I am kinda the worst blogger but I do have some good updates.  Turns out while in NYC I left my camera connector thing so I could never show any pics I took while out there (although I didn't exactly take a lot, ever since London I got burnt out) but I do have a few to show the second half of my New York adventure...

**Many of these photos are courtesy of my pals Kylie and Rebbie- they were much better at snapping the memories than I was.. probably because they did a coolpix ad campain..

First things first.. Harold came to visit!!! twice actually.  Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera out the first trip so I only have pictures from his second trip out here.. But here are a few pics of our weekend together..
We went to a Yankee's baseball game
Harold's best friend Kent lives in NYC and came with his lovely friend Jillian

The game was FIVE hours long and we got a little tired..

But still happy to be at the game!  

Next day we played frisbee golf in Central Park

Kent and Harold mapping out the course

Look at that form.. 
Like most of my throws, I think this one went in a completely different direction than intended.

I was mostly just there for moral support and encouragement.

Unfortunately these are basically the only shots I got of our weekend together but we had a great time and did a lot!

Now onto more highlights of my NYC adventure:

We spent many afternoons relaxing in the park. This is us in Central Park

We constantly sought out treats.. on a daily basis.  This was the one and only Doughnut Plant.  The most amazing doughnuts.  If anyone is going to NYC soon you HAVE to go to Doughnut Plant.  It is in the most random location but worth walking through smelly Chinatown to get there.

We got funky at Amateur Night at the Apollo Theatre.  This is one of my favorite things we did in NYC.  Michael Jackson, James Brown, and Stevie Wonder are just a few of the legends that started out here.

We constantly ate good food.  This is at the big apple bbq where all of the best bbq places from around the country gather for a big bbq fest. This shot is for all the great southerners in my life! ;)

On top of the warship Intrepid.  An old WWII ship that is now used for a museum and take tours on.  They also show free movies right on deck and we watched Top Gun.  Perfect movie choice to say the least.

 We went to free concerts.  This concert was on Governor's Island and while I did enjoy the Morning Bender's concert I think I was more excited about the island itself. It was an abandoned island right off of New York City and they have only recently reopened it to the public.  Apparently it was used early on for the exclusive use of New York's royal governors and then later used as U.S. army post.  But for the past while it has not been used for anything.  It was weird to see a bunch of buildings, schools, homes, and even a hospital no longer in use.  We were convinced the place was haunted at that we would never get off the island. But alas I am here to tell the tale of Governor's Island...and so is wikipedia

 This is a majority of our advertising group that was in NYC together. We spent many nights in Union Sqaure- a cool little area where a lot of NYU college kids and other people hang out here at the corner.  I enjoyed just hanging out here and people watching. One of the times I was here there was a rap off between two guys and it was so cool to watch them go at it. 

We saw some shows.  My best friend Sarah came out to visit and we all went and saw the musical Jersey Boys on Reb's birthday.  It was such a fun show and we all loved it.  The music and acting was great.

 After Jersey Boys we went to celebrate Reb's birthday at the Stardust around the corner.  Let's just say the musical lives on here.. basically the waiters sing to you as they are working and it is hilarious.  The food is terrible and waaay overpriced but it might just be worth it for the experience. 4/6ths had a great time but missed the other 2/6ths of the candy shoppers.

These are just a few of the highlights of being in NYC for part of the summer.  As you can see we had a great time!  I am happy to be back in Utah now but definitely miss those fun summer days in New York City.  (but not missing that sweaty humidity)

Well congrats to those who made it down this far.. I hope you feel that my lack of posting is made up with this super loooong post.