January 29, 2010

sundance film festival {2010}

The other night me and a few friends went up to Park City for the Sundance Film Festival. I'd like to say we ran into a ton of famous people, took pictures with them, and even got invited to their after parties, but alas no such thing happened. We did however get to see a film called "Fix Me." It was a documentary about a Palestinian director and him dealing with his really bad headaches and life in Palestine. Although it was a bit slow in some parts (kind of expected in a documentary)it was an insightful film which I enjoyed. It was cool to see the Palestine landscape and get a small glimpse of everyday life over there. The film brought about great conversation for the drive home.. which ended up being a very foggy, slow drive home.

On a side note, I heard snoop dogg was playing at Harry-O's last night.. turns out we picked the wrong show to go to....

January 22, 2010

the things you can do in a kangaroo suit..

This is just too funny. I had to share. (thanks mair for showing me this)

I love the havoc this guy can cause because he is hopping aroudn in a kangaroo suit..

I now know what I am being for Halloween this year. 9 months and counting.

January 13, 2010

helping haiti.

As most of you know Haiti has recently been hit by a huge earthquake that has killed a lot of people. When I first heard this I was shocked and worried. With my experiences visiting Haiti and working with the people, I was sad that more hurt would come to these people. Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere and about 70% of its population is below the poverty line. It is a sad place but one that is very dear to me. My dad founded an organization years ago and we started in Haiti. We built an orphanage there and brought tons of supplies each trip for the orphanage and a bunch of other orphanages. I was fortunate enough to go 3 times to help build it, take supplies to a bunch of orphanages, and experience the culture and the great people that live there. It is a place of poverty and so many struggle to feed themselves and their families. About 15% of the children in Haiti are orphaned or abandoned. I can only imagine that a devastating earthquake like this will unfortunately increase this and leave more children without parents. I hope we can all take a moment to think about this and how we might help. I've attached the unicef banner on the side of my blog where you can help donate to their relief cause and below is the link to the foundation my family is apart of.


Truly any amount helps.

Below is my haitian cousin who was adopted from the orphanage we built. She is now 6 and apart of a loving family.

January 4, 2010

book reviews {3}

Well in the last little bit I have finished 3 books and have enjoyed them all so I thought I'd give my own little book reviews on them. No, these wont be anything cool like the projects you made in 5th grade, but just a brief synopsis and my personal opinion on the book.

Book #1:
Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

This book is a treat. If you have read any of Gladwell's other books you probably know he's an interesting guy to listen to. Outliers is an insightful book about people and cultures, and pushes past the typical reasons as to why we believe that people are successful, smart, or rich. These are the outliers in our society.. or are they. This book is an insightful, rich book that looks past the normal explanations and take on a new approach combining a bit of sociology, anthropology, and history. It really is a fun read and each chapter gives you something to think about far after you read it.

Book #2:
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith

A bit of a longer book but a good read no less. If you were to ask me what this book is about I am not exactly sure what I say because it is fairly simple- but beautiful in its simplicity. It's centered around a girl and her family in the 1910's living in Williamsburg, NY. While it does a great job in depicting the times and the hardships and the social order, I wouldn't say it's a book focused on social change, rather you get a taste of it and think for yourself. The author does a great job at explaining the characters and putting you in a setting. There's something about how simple the plot is that pulls you in. There is just something that easy to relate with the main character, which is not her situation or culture but just life and the feelings and thoughts of living in it and growing up. You care about Francie and the Nolan family as if you are hearing stories of your own heritage. Overall the book was a great read and its honesty was refreshing.

Book #3:
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

This book was quite the opposite of the previous book. Simple is the last thing I'd call this and a page-turner it was. I read the book in 2 days and it would've been sooner had I not had other engagements. From the very beginning you are eager to read each page. It's an intense book and hard to put down. It is a very strange book though and somewhat reminded me of Lord of the Flies. It's primary audience is the 8/9th grade age so this helps in making it a quick read. The book is a good mixture of intrigue, suspense, violence, humor, and a bit of romance. I don't want to say too much because I don't want to spoil anything, especially not what the hunger games are.. Read it to find out. The book is amazing and will leave you wanting more. Which is why I can't wait to start book # 2.....

Well alas, these are end of the book reviews but for those looking for a new book to read perhaps this helped. Either way I enjoyed reading all of these and look forward to my next book.. any suggestions? (besides book 2 in the hunger games series)