January 29, 2009

san francisco road trip - 2009.

Palestine Protest.

The Beach.

Art Exhibit.

Yummy Crepes on Haight Ashbury.

Walking on Golden Gate Bridge.

At the pier.. with the seals.

These are just a few of the pictures from our trip.  We had a great trip and if you want to know more about it, read below!

January 23, 2009

peace. love. san francisco.

MERRY: spending a weekend in San Francisco with my girl friends. Well I think it is safe to say that going to San Fran for the weekend was the best idea/road trip ever. A little strong you might think to make such a bold statement but we were speaking in hyperboles all weekend so it works.

The trip started off with the 11+ hour drive, which went over surprisingly well. We almost got pulled over by a cop, he flashed his lights right behind us, but then kindly passed us and did nothing. We then later ran over a bucket that flew out of someones car-Jenny handled the car well and no damage done. We made it through the crazy, hilly streets and found Jimmy's house with ease. '09 is obviously our year.

Well the next few days went great. Here's a quick synopsis of what we did:
Haight & Ashbury street: hippies. tie-die. peace. I also found some cute clothes at a little boutique for my birthday.
Drove, drove, drove: I could spend hours just driving around the city looking at all the amazing houses and architecture.
Art exhibit: monsters eating kids... guess you had to be there.
Union square: palestine protest. H&M. DSW's.
The stinking rose restaurant: garlic anyone? free meal.
Walking around the city at night: canoli's. chinatown. falling in love with the city every step of the way.
Lookout point: can't remember the specific name but highest overlook in S.F.
Presidio: yummy breakfast. beautiful scenery. wish I were riding a bike.
Golden Gate Bridge: a must. very windy.
Church: great ward. showed up late. talk was on how we shouldn't be late. dangit.
Pier 39: SEALS!!! break dancers. seafood (bbq chicken sandwich for me). lame-o fire dancer guy. jenny loses phone.
Best park ever: jenny realizes her phone was in her sleeve the whole time. played at the most amazing park ever. (another true hyperbole)
Beach: beautiful. cold water. walking on smooth sand. never want to leave.

Once again, '09 is our year.

Well that was a basic overview of our trip. It was an amazing time. Thanks to the wonderful city of San Francisco, the hospitality of Jimmy and his roommates for letting us stay at their place and show us around, the great jokes (even if I was the butt of them), the SUNNY, warm weather, and the memories. There is a chance I could do my advertising internship here in SF and after this trip I am seriously considering it. I loved it so much.

January 21, 2009

advertising application turned in.

HAPPY: finishing projects/assignments/applications. So before I put up pictures and write about my adventures in San Francisco (most amazing trip ever- i love hyperboles) I wanted to note that I finished all the requirements for advertising and turned in my application last Friday, hours before we left to S.F.. I had to take a test, write 5 essays and most importantly make a 60 second video about myself. I am not exactly sure how to post the video, not to mention I am a little hesitant to do so since I edited it all myself and have never edited a video before. It turned out pretty good but being a perfectionist with stuff like that I would've fixed a couple of little things. Luckily they are going for my idea more than my editing skills. It was all a little stressful but I feel great about it and happy to have it turned in. I found out in a few weeks if I got accepted or not. cross your fingers.

p.s. a big thanks to:
Sarah: for her amazing video camera skills and patience with my perfectionist ways.
Katie: for being my fellow applicant and answering the zillion questions that I had. (and the moral support- let's hope we both get in!!!)
Mandi: for the moral support and willing to help in any way that she can- (so that I could turn it in earlier enough that we could go to San Francisco)
Kylie: for letting me use her thumb drive when I found out I couldn't burn it from my own computer. (and all the encouragement from one who is already in the program)
Curtis: for letting me borrow his camera
The boys of 221 (Tyler, Ben, Brandon, & Jordan): for letting me borrow their huge map of the world.
And anyone else who inspired, encouraged, and motivated me along the way. love and thanks to you all.

January 16, 2009

road trip.

HAPPY: road trips. I'm making the most of this long weekend and taking a road trip to San Francisco. I'll be back with stories and pictures to share.. So you 4 people who actually read my blog can have something to look forward to.

January 12, 2009

i broke a mirror.

I broke a mirror yesterday. I am a bit clumsy and I seem to constantly knock things over and drop things. My phone is a champ for holding up after all the times I've accidentally dropped it. Anyways for the past couple weeks I have quite a few times accidentally dropped this mirror, each time thinking that I am lucky I didn't break it. Well yesterday it was the last straw. It cracked. (pun intended) It didn't shatter, but there are two big cracks in it now. Now I know most of you are thinking that I am screwed for the next 7 years, but au contraire. 2.5 years ago, my freshman year in college, I also broke a mirror. Unfortunately I shattered that one. But I am thinking/hoping that this second broken mirror will reverse the effects of what would seemingly be a lot more years of bad luck and actually cancel out the 4.5 years of bad luck I have left on the first mirror. Don't let the math fool you.. carry the one... just trust me on this one. So all-in-all this broken mirror may not in fact be bad luck but could actually do me some good. If '09 is really my year, luck will be in my favor.

January 7, 2009

theme of '09: this year's our year.

HAPPY: a new year. Well as the New Year's rolled around my friends and I had very good feelings about the upcoming 2009 year. This year's our year, ladies. Whether it be excelling at school, being in a functional relationship, engagements, excercising on a regular basis, making new friends, improving ones self, being more creative, crafty, or cleanly, and any other affair that might improve the quality of life- this is the year it's going to happen. I feel good about it. Changes are a brewin' and good things are coming our way in this 2009 year. Which is why I feel it is safe to say that the theme for 2009 is: "THIS YEAR'S OUR YEAR."