October 14, 2009

winner winner chicken dinner.

kellee the cook.  That is what I expect to be called now after I realized that my last name had a much more literal meaning- ya, I can cook.  Okay so I might be sounding a little pretentious by saying this and I realize that after one successful home-cooked meal made by yours truly does not in fact make me a chef, however, I was quite excited to make a meal from scratch and have it turn out- and turn out yummy.  

This new excitement for cooking came from after too many days of really bad eating habits.  After feeling malnutritioned and my body lacking in some serious essential vitamins, I decided I was going to change this.  So I turned to the dear martha stewart for some good chicken recipes, since I had a bag full of frozen chicken breasts, and of course she pulled through.  I picked a few I liked and Monday night I made a cayenne-rubbed chicken with avocado salsa.  Yes, it's as good as the name sounds.  I'm a sucker for anything with avocado in it.  Anyways the recipe really wasn't that hard and didn't take too long to make either.  

So if anyone is looking for a yummy chicken recipe here is the link:

*for the salsa I recommend a small red onion and 2 avocados. but that's just me. 

Overall the dinner was yummy, healthy (mostly), and easy.  So to all those malnutritioned, lacking-in-vitamins, unhealthy, or just wanting to eat some yummy food individuals, I recommend this recipe.  enjoy!

October 12, 2009

bad habit.

Today I asked a kid in my class to borrow a pen and like any good fellow classmate, he lent me one of his pens.  It was just a typical bic pen (with lid)- you know the kind that are cheap and always on sale during the back to school rush, but I was grateful nonetheless.  Turns out, however, that my bad habit got the best of me and my gratitude was soon covered up by all the spit I put on the lid of his pen.  Yes, I started to chew on his pen- so much that it cracked the lid in multiple places.  

At the first crack I looked over next to me to see if he noticed, luckily he didn't but the girl behind him did and she laughed.  So I told myself to stop chewing and maybe he won't notice.  Well no more than a minute later I was chewing that pen again like a dog with a chew toy.  I hadn't even noticed that I brought the pen up to my mouth again.  It's so much a habit that I don't even notice until the lid has been destroyed and spit is everywhere.  sounds gross, I know.  If only I could be one of those sexy girls who chew on their pens ever so lightly with their sultry lips.  Well anyways, after I proceeded to gnaw on his pen, I again realized what I was doing. crap. He's going to be so disgusted.  I slyly looked over again and he wasn't paying attention to me or the mutilated pen. phew.  Looking at the pen I knew he'd probably not want it back, so as class got out I quickly put the pen in my backpack and left before he had a chance to remember that he lent me the pen.  Sounds awful that I would steal a pen from someone who so graciously lent me theirs but I think I was doing him a favor in this case.  However, if he does come asking for it again, I think I can splurge the 2.49 and buy him an entire pack.

Either way I really need to stop this bad habit.  It's gross and it forces me to steal pens.  Sorry classmate. 

(this girls got the sultry pen look down)
p.s. anyone have any good tips on stopping bad habits?

October 8, 2009

sasha fierce

I just wanted to give a little shout out to one of my very favorite divas- my girl beyonce. Let's just talk about how great she is for a second.

a. Her voice is amazing. Have you listened to "halo" and the part where her voice goes down low.. uhh I am obsessed with that part.
b. She gets her audience. "all the single ladies.."
c. She can dance- one minute of the single ladies music video will have you convinced.
d. She's classy- anyone else see what she did for Taylor Swift at the VMA's?
e. Last but certainly not least, she's like one of the prettiest people ever.

Jay-Z you're sooo lucky.

Is it embarrassing that I am so obsessed with her?? probably, but I don't care.