September 28, 2009

These streets will make you feel brand new..

I'm back from this wonderful place:


Obviously I had a good time.  Between spending time at Advertising Week and visiting 9 different advertising agencies, all day and every day was devoted to advertising.  It was great t to learn some interesting things and get a real insight to what the industry is like and what working in an agency is really like.  


Modern, hip work place + art school/fashionable/hipster-indie dressed kids + late start in the mornings +  really late nights + everything and everyone brimming with creativity = ad agency throw all that in with a big city like New York and you have got a glimpse of my future.

So besides all the advertising mumbo jumbo, I loved walking (basically running) through the city and soaking in the New York vibe and city life.  The theme song of our trip which is my recent favorite song describes it best:

"In New York,
Concrete jungle where dreams are made of
There's nothing you can't do,
Now you're in New York,
These streets will make you feel brand new,
big lights will inspire you,
let's here it for New York, New York, New York"

I couldn't of said it better myself Jay-Z and Alicia.  (which is why I copied and pasted your lyrics) 

Let's here it for New York. 

September 16, 2009


So I a came across this amazing video in one of my advertising classes. It is so well done and I really want try and help somehow.  It's not that long and seriously worth watching. 

for more information click here to go to their website.

girl power.

September 11, 2009

The final {college} countdown.

senior year has begun..

>major that I love.. check
>5 best friends for housemates.. check
>living in a really cute house (candy shoppe).. check
>5 new wardrobes (thanks ladies).. check
>byu football. check (beating Oklahoma.. check)
>going on a double date and finding out that the other girl is just a freshman. as in she just graduated from high school less than 4 months ago. As in she doesn't have a major picked, waiting for a missionary with a long road ahead, and has that blessed meal card where the money comes and leaves so easy.. check

the candy shoppe and its occupants

(photo courtesy of Kylie NIxon)

This encounter with the young freshman girl got me thinking . It was not too long ago that I was her, unsure of what the next 4 years at college was going to bring me, but excited and ready to take it on. Now years have passed, relationships have come and gone, variety of jobs taken, a major finally chosen, and a study abroad later do I end up here. My senior year of college. While I am looking forward to this 09-10 school year and my senior status, I do have to say that it does feel a bit different this time around. No longer is college the end-all. Turns out there's life after college, the real life so I'm told, and it's out there ready for the taking. Am I ready for that? Ready to have a real job, or even, dare I say it, a career? Back as the meal-card-fresh-out-of-high-school freshman, finishing college seemed so far away, almost impossible-- almost. Now graduation is just around the corner and I am sure that day will come sooner than expected or even wanted. It's a weird feeling thinking that I will soon have a college degree under my belt and a resume in hand to give to whoever will take me.

So here I am ready to take this last year in. Ready to treasure each moment here, because before I know it, life will be different again. I could be moved away to some big city where I no longer know it, like I do Provo. And instead of 5 roommates, probably just one. And instead of a cute, roomy house, a tiny hole of an apartment will have to do. And instead of late night study sessions with DP and cocoamotion, it will be late nights at the office.

I'm sure that new phase of life will be a great new adventure, but as for now I'm still enjoying my college life, ready for the last and final year.

here's to the last year.