November 20, 2008

good read.

HAPPY: finishing a book. It feels so good to finish that last page of a book, set it down, and sit a think about everything you just read. I just recently finished the book The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls. It is a memoir of her life. Really interesting life and it opens up many new perspectives on certain things. I don't want to say to much because I don't want to spoil it. I definitely recommend it. I'm not sure which book I'm going to start next. Perhaps the Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis or if my book club gets going, The Poisonwood Bible by Barabara Kingsolver. Either way I love reading books.

November 18, 2008

somebody loved

HAPPY: music. I love music. I believe that music has a way of communicating to each of us personally on a level that no other medium can. It makes us feel. It awakens senses. It livens memories. When a perfect mixture of music and lyrics are created, something beautiful has occurred. Recently I've been listening to The Weepies a lot. They have done a good job in creating music that goes so well with their delicate and thoughtful lyrics. Their "Happiness" album is great, along with "Say I am you" and "Hideaway." I have recently been in love with the song, "somebody loved" so I thought I'd share the lyrics but really everyone should go look them up and listen to them. song = happiness.

Somebody Loved
Rain turns the sand into mud
Wind turns the trees into bone
Stars turning high up above
You turn me into somebody loved
Nights when the heat had gone out
We danced together alone
Cold turned our breath into clouds
We never said what we were dreaming of
But you turned me into somebody loved
Someday when we're old and worn
Like two softened shoes
I will wonder on how I was born
The night I first ran away from you
Now my feet turn the corner back home
Sun turns the evening to rose
Stars turning high up above
You turn me into
You turn me into
You turn me into somebody loved
Somebody loved
Somebody loved.

November 13, 2008

bloring blog.

sorry my blog is so boring. looks like halloween and guy fawkes day are the only things interesting going on in my life. au contraire. life's a party in cougar town, I just don't post it on my blog. so sue me.
(but for the record, I'll try to do better)

November 5, 2008

Remember remember, the 5th of November

HAPPY: Guy Fawkes Day. A year ago today I was in Whitam, England celebrating Guy Fawkes Day with an English family. We went to a huge town bonfire slash carnival. Fireworks included. It was like a weak version of our stadium of fire- then again what comes close to Provo's 4th of July Party. We know how to party in the 801. Guy Fawkes knows how to party too. In 1605, Guy Fawkes and other Catholic conspirators attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London, England. Fortunately, plans didn't go through and the Houses of Parliament didn't get burned to the ground. The English, like the most of us, love a reason to party, so every year the UK celebrates this day by having big bonfires and lots of fireworks. They take it a step further by burning effigies of Guy Fawkes. You try to burn down our house, we'll burn you down for hundreds of years. They don't mess around in the 020.

In respect to this great holiday and my love for London, England, and all it has to offer, my London study abroad mates and I are going to be having a big bonfire tonight. I'm thinking I should create an effigy of some sort to contribute. Either way, getting together with all my London friends and celebrating an English holiday will definitely make me, happy.

November 4, 2008

down to earth.

MERRY: Halloween. This year's Halloween costumes I got in touch with my earthy side. The night before Halloween I went to a couples Halloween party. My date and I were Mother Earth and Father Time. Mostly my outfit consisted of lots of fake flowers, leaves, and anything else earthy. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures.

Halloween night rolled around and by 9 pm my friends and I didn't have a costume yet. There were four of us and we wanted to do something together. Strength in numbers. So the first thing that popped into my mind, naturally, was the four seasons. After being mother earth the night before, the earth and its offerings were on my mind. So we decided it was easy enough to do. I was Spring, Kylie was Summer, Mary Jane was Fall (she has red hair so obviously she is going to be fall, it was a big success), and Sarah was Winter. For getting ready in about ten minutes and only using what we had lying around in our apartments, it turned out pretty well. My costume turned out to be quite practical because it started raining and what do you know.. Spring loves the rain. It created rain. It is rain. I was wearing a rain coat and rain boots and had an umbrella. I stayed dry the whole night. Except when we went to a dance that turned out to be the hottest thing of my life. And no I am not talking about hot as in there were hot people and hot dance moves and hot as in sexy.. I mean hot as in the temperature. As in it was hot as hades down there. My coat did a good job of retaining all the moisture that my body was trying to release. SWEATY. not just me, but everyone. So I guess that made it less awkward for everyone. Overall though it was fun to see a bunch of funny costumes and enjoy the Halloween spirit. A spooktacular evening, to say the least. and another merry holiday.