May 17, 2010

Taking a bite out of the Big Apple..


For those of you wondering what I am doing out here in NYC apart from my internship, well turns out I am most likely eating. Can you blame me when there are so many amazing places to eat out here? I'm like a kid in a candy story trying to pick one candy, but of course wanting them all. It seems that so often the first thing I think about after work is not what club, show, or activity I want to go to but rather it's all about where am I going to go for dinner??? The options are endless out here. Unfortunately my wallet isn't as excited about eating out as I am so I have to get thrifty sometimes and buy stuff at the grocery store. Luckily there is a Fairway close to where I live (New York's version of a Smith's) and while it has pretty good prices, I still end up paying a pretty penny for my groceries. One small box of cereal was almost 5 DOLLARS. I didn't even dare look at the price of a family size. No wonder people don't have a lot of kids here- my family of 9 would've starved. But luckily I've managed to scrape up a few free lunches at work- and if you thought you appreciated free lunch, well it's a whole new ball game out here- it's like getting manna from heaven. My girl Rebbie wrote a witty post on this phenomenon of free meals.

(back in September when we ate at Max Brenner- notice that huge choco-peanut butter sundae)

Some recent faves out here have included La Esquina- an authentic taco shop that puts Diego's to shame. Amy's bread- a tiny little bakery that smells (and tastes) almost as good as an authentic French bakery. A sandwich shop that the king of sandwiches, andy, showed me. Max Brenner- a chocolate lover's dream, aka, my dreamland. And this precious little Italian place called Pusticci where you can eat outside under lights draped around- so romantic, trust me. wink wink.

Speaking of food and free things- it's bagel monday at the office so I best be off to enjoy my free bagel. I live for bagel mondays- it makes Mondays not so bad. Here at Y & R, Tuesday is the new Monday.

May 11, 2010

Weekend trip to West Point

(Arial shot of West Point's campus)

This past weekend I got the opportunity to go up to West Point to walk around the amazing campus and listen to Elder Holland speak to a branch up there. First off the campus is amazing. It's very Hogwarts-esque which obviously made me really pleased. We were kind of in a hurry so we didn't have time to take many pics but Kylie took some so if you want to see a few pictures of their beautiful campus than go to this post. And for those of you who don't know West Point is the top military school in America so it's kind of a big deal. Anywho, Elder Holland gave a talk in this huge old cathedral that is part of the campus but sits upon a hill overlooking the campus and the Hudson. It was quite a neat experience hearing an apostle talk in such an intimate setting and in an old cathedral no less. Not only was the setting amazing but my favorite (can I say that??) apostle pulled through an gave a beautiful and eloquent talk about the importance of being an individual. And how at times we may be the only ones to have our standards and beliefs but it is crucial to stand up, even as one, to what you believe. He had many insightful stories and scriptures shared and I only wish it could be published so that you all could read it because it was really amazing. But for the time being here is one of my faves by him. Long but well worth it.

(us girls with Elder Holland and his precious wife)

All-in-all it was an amazing night filled with an array of really amazing and unique experiences. Easily the highlight of my week. As for the rest of my Big Apple adventures.. stay tuned. TBA.

May 2, 2010

It's about time..

..I posted about what I've been doing as of late, how I graduated college, moved out of the candy shoppe and moved to NYC. So ya kind of crazy that I am now a college graduate. I remember being a little freshman in the dorms and never thinking that life existed past college, and yet here I am graduated and working in the big city, trying to get my career started. Life's quite unexpected isn't it. But I am happy and grateful to be a college grad. I'll miss taking classes and being on cougar campus but at some point the cougar has to leave its den.. ok, not really sure cougars live in dens but that analogy was for all my favorite cougs out there, you know who you are. Anyways to make a long, 4-year story short, I graduated from BYU with a degree in Communications, emphasis advertising. The ceremony wasn't too long and I got to sit next to some of my besties and I actually have some pictures to show, thanks to my fellow grad, friend and photographer, Kylie Nixon:
me and some of the besties- also that is the graduation skirt I sewed!

me and some lovely ladies in my major

here is proof that you can live with your best friend all throughout college and still remain best friends. BFF.

Well two days after graduation I moved to NYC to start my advertising internship at Y & R. I started this past wednesday and so far i am really liking my internship. They've really put me to work and I feel like I am doing useful things and learning a lot. But now to the good stuff- the city is amazing. It is just such a fun place with a variety of people and things to do and places to eat. I've eaten at a lot of really good places and look forward to eating at more as long as the budget can handle it.. This is just a basic run down of what's going down in the city but I'm going to commit to be better at writing on this blog and writing about what I am doing in the big apple! So stay tuned for some more interesting and exciting posts about what I am doing in New York...