July 8, 2009

p.s. I went camping like a week ago..

(Havasu falls)

So I failed to mention that I went camping to Havasupai a little over a week ago. I figure if I am going to blog about animated movies and going to random art pieces in the middle of nowhere, than going on a little vay-cay camping should be noted. I was desperate for a trip, however my pockets weren't exactly carrying the benjamins. So when I heard about this little camping trip I figured my weary pockets could handle a cheap camping trip. I mean when it comes to camping you are sleeping outside, eating top ramen and oatmeal, and hiking around for fun.. how expensive can that be? Not very, except the Havasu indians pocket a good chunk of change when they make you pay for a permit to stay in their reservation- but I suppose it is the least we can do for kicking them off their land and forcing them into small little reservations.

Anyways we had to hike ten miles in to get to our camping spot and we carried whatever we wanted to take in on our backs. Carrying a large pack while hiking was a first for me but went better than I thought it would. Turns out I packed more food than anything (I was really worried about being hungry- more so than about being sanitary/clean) because on our way out my pack felt ten times lighter because all the food was eaten. We didn't bring a tent so we just slept under the stars which was great. Stars are about ten billion times better in the middle of nature. During our camping adventure we played at havasu falls which are really pretty but the water is pretty cold.. then again it feels great after being so hot. We also hiked through the grand canyon and made it to the colorado river. That was a long hike and probably ended up being 20 miles roundtrip- at least this time we didn't have to bring packs! We also played at mooney falls and while we were making our way to this rope swing that is like a mile down from mooney, we totally got caught in a intense rain storm.. so since we were worried that the small river could rise and how they've had flash floods before we started to run back. Luckily we made it back up to the top and the rain stopped. It was way fun though to be running through the canyon and have it be raining way hard. We all felt pretty adventurous.

Overall the trip was really fun. I hadn't been camping in a long time but I had a lot of fun doing it. It feels great to get out in nature with no technology or cell phones to be bothered by. It was a great break from real life- especially since I went right after spring term ended. It was a really cool place and if you are ever considering going I would definitely recommend it.

July 1, 2009


If you have not seen the movie "UP" go see it right now because it is absolutely fabulous. Pixar is ten for ten on creating amazing animated feature films and I have to say UP is probably now one of my favorites. It is quirky, cute, and has, of course, great animation. It may not be as funny as some of the past ones but the message is the most precious yet. During the film I cried at least 3 times. (mind you I saw it alone and just got so wrapped in the emotion and sweetness of the message) For any of those who love the idea of growing old together with the person you love than this is the movie for you. Anyways I don't want to spoil much else but if you are looking for a sweet, feel-good, remember-why-life-is-good type movie than this is the film for you.
I highly recommend it.

p.s. see it in 3D- it's fun and you get to wear these cool glasses.