November 21, 2009

shout out to the king of pop.

I know, I know- you're sick of hearing about Michael Jackson and his death, but I couldn't help it after seeing the new Michael Jackson movie, This is it. Let's just say the film was ah-mazing. I know the guy was bit of a creep but he can dance and sing like no one I've ever seen before. I don't know if the movie is still out to see but if you have the chance go see it. It's almost as good as seeing him in concert. almost... wait, who are we kidding?? It's not even close!

Well after seeing the movie I looked up some of his music videos. There's just nothing quite like Michael is there? Amongst my youtube searches I stumbled across this little video and was dying. Who decided on his outfit and can I get one in my size? Seriously though only Michael could ever pull off something so... sparkly. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
It just doesn't get better than glitter, flashing lights, and MJ.

RIP Michael Jackson

November 12, 2009

the {fall} update

I know, I know- I haven't blogged in awhile. but life just got busy and blogging got sent to the bottom of my to-do list. But now that I am a little sick I actually have time to sit down and write a post. So an update post is what this will be.

The fall has been beautiful this time around. The colorful leaves were absolutely exquisite and the weather has been mostly pleasant. I still can't believe it has been this warm in November-but I am not complaining! This fall has not only been beautiful but has also been filled with a bunch of fun activities with my favorite people.

Going back to around Halloween, I went and saw Thriller, the dance show put on by Odyssey. It was my first time and I loved it. Great dancing and theatrics. Definitely recommend going next year it comes around. It was up in Salt Lake and right next to the Pie so of course we couldn't resist stopping by for some of their cheese pull-aparts. yum.

A few days later Halloween came and all 6 of the candy shoppe girls wanted to do a costume together so after much thinking and debating we ended up being.... polygamist wives! a bit controversial, we know, but we had a guy friend of ours being warren jeffs and it turned out to be quite a funny night. As a fellow wife (rebbles) said, "when your halloween costume is homely, you have %60 more fun but meet %80 less men." This is all too true but we had a great night doing karaoke and dancing to girls just wanna have fun at Alex + Annie's great Halloween bash and of course attending at least one college halloween party, which really consisted of us standing outside of the dance because we didn't want to pay the money to get in and unfortunately our costumes weren't sexy enough to sweet talk our way in.. We did however get to go to a little haunted house put on by some college kids in their small house- let's just say it was really well done and I was legitimately scared and screamed at least 3 times. So overall a really great Halloween. I'd have to say it was one of the best- right up there with our Halloween in London. (It's just tough to beat anything that happens in London eh?)

***The picture is not the greatest but I just had to pull this from facebook since I didn't take any pictures. But Rebbie's bangs and my poof is looking pretty good..

So You still with me? good.

Next adventure was just last weekend when my mates and I went up to see the Regina Spektor concert. Can i just say she is AMAZING. I feel like I have been spoiled now and always want to hear her live. She has flawless talent and performed my favorite songs. At one point she was drumming a chair with one hand (using a drumstick) playing the piano with the other, and singing! I can't even do one of those things at a time well! Some people just get it all i guess. Oh and did I mention she's so charming on stage and has a cute style. I've figured it out parents.. when I grow up I want to be Regina. cool? ok.

Well in that same weekend i also got to go to the So You Think You Can Dance concert with my mom, sister, and other girl relatives. It was a great little girls night out and of course the dancing was amazing. Again they performed all my favorite pieces and put on a great show. Back-to-back concerts- what a fun weekend.

The last thing that has really kept me most busy and not nearly as fun as all this stuff is 2 books that I do. While I do love my major and how we never have to take tests- sometimes creating books and projects can take even more time than studying. Basically I had to create an entire media plan book (and anything that you turn in advertising has to look and feel creative) and my portfolio book to apply to the internship program.. which means if I get into that I will be spending my summer in either New York or Chicago! Cross your fingers..

whew, you made it... Well there's quite the update for you blog followers of mine. Sorry for the basic lack of pictures. My friends took the pictures and I just haven't gotten them yet. But I hope you all enjoyed the fall happenings of my life as I did..

over and out.