March 26, 2010

water: the elixir of life

Do you love helping little children? Do you love a good competition? Do you love drinking water? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions than I have got the best new way to be charitable for YOU. I present to you the TAPDUEL. Basically, it's a part of Unicef's tap project- the project that brings clean water to thirsty kids all over the world. The tapduel is simple. You challenge a facebook friend, and you each bet back and forth money on how much you are going to donate. the person who ends up donating the most wins the title of most charitable. not only will you get bragging rights but you'll know you helped little children out too. win-win situation. So go to and start dueling! Let the search for the most charitable begin!! (oh and did I mention that this tapduel idea was created by none other than some of my peers in the adlab. way to go mates.)

here's a little video that explains the tap project. It really is a great movement and there are many ways to get involved! visit for more details.

here's to life.