September 26, 2011

working woman

Well, like I hinted earlier, I got a job- and have been at it for a few weeks now.  I work at a place called Nancy's Haute Affairs which is an event planning/catering company.  Their store also sells cute gifts perfect for weddings and parties (stationary, beautiful serving-ware, food items, etc) as well as having what they call their "gourmet to go" which is a bunch of really yummy hot dishes, sandwiches, salads, and incredible desserts.  It's pretty much a place that does a little bit of everything.  I work a lot in the store as well as helping out with the event planning.  Last week I helped with a wedding- the rehearsal the night before as well as the wedding day. I loved doing it- It's about the next best thing to reliving your wedding day and what girl doesn't want to do that? (which explains the pic above- my beautiful wedding flowers thanks to the Grow's) Plus I love the fact that I dont sit at a desk, all. day. long.  I feel really lucky to get a job like this- I wanted to get into event planning but I was worried with no real experience (I don't think here in Florida they know, or recognize, what being on the activities committee or being an FHE mom entails) that I would be able to get a job (and not an internship..) but alas I have found a great fit and it is really getting my foot in the door with event planning and I am loving it so far.

So life is good and I am glad to be working again and learning new things- you can only run so many errands before you get a little stir crazy.. or start thinking about having a baby- just kidding Harold! :)

And here's a pixely photo from our weekend- which consisted of Pensacola Seafood Festival, pool time, relief society broadcast and a laaate night movie. 11:20 movie is late for a couple that usually goes to bed at 10:30 during the week..

p.s. President Uchtdorf's talk was the bomb and applies to everyone. So if you didn't get a chance to go, read/watch it here. I particularly loved the Willy Wonka golden ticket analogy


brynne frei said...

dream job! that really sounds great and why didn't i think of including activities committee on my resume? updating it ASAP. aaand 11:20 is seriously so late. there's no way we would survive that.

H. Baum said...

that totally is a dream job! Glad you're loving it & hope it continues to go well. PS I'm counting down the weeks before I'm just a drive away. :) (I mean, I more manageable drive away.)

michelle said...

Oh what an awesome job!!! So good talking to you the other day! I sure miss you tons! I loved his talk! It was perfect!!!

katie beth said...

congrats on the new job! it sounds absolutely perfect for a fancy lady. speaking of fancy ladies... went to lunch with annie & sloaner the other day and we may or may not have starting planning our fancy lady reunion. it better happen asap because i squishee misses you! xx