September 16, 2011

The Weepies make me happy. so do beignets.

Well it seems fitting that I am just now writing a post about last weekend when this weekend is just about here.. But I am getting used to the working life again (which reminds me, need to do an update on that too..)  Last week Harold and I took a short road trip to Nola (New Orleans) since it's just a mere 2.5 hours away.  Part of the reason for going was because The Weepies were playing there and I have always wanted to see them in concert and it was a great place to have an early bday celebration for Harold. So off to The Big Easy we went.

Excited that the weekend is here and en route to Nola.

We left Friday after Harold's work and made it to Nola in time for an amazing dinner.  The place was called Cafe Amelie and most of the seating was in this darling courtyard that was low lit and looking like a scene from Paris.  It was booked with reservations so we had to eat inside but it was still great and the food was really good.

This is Cafe Amelie, where we had dinner the night before.  The pic doesn't do it justice, but come nighttime this place transforms.  A definite recommend if one is going to visit Nola

We spent saturday afternoon strolling along the French Quarter and seeing all the lovely architecture and colorful homes- wouldn't you be so happy to come home to a colorful home like this everyday?

We had fun at the hat store. I love hats. I wish I wore them more and had more reasons to wear them.  I need to get int with the Royal family, they seem to like hats a lot.

We happened to be there for the Seafood Festival so we joined in on the festivities and enjoyed some seafood and some live music-and yes mom, I tried some of it too. 

..and of course beignets! We went to Cafe du monde twice over our 2.5 day weekend. and yes they are as good as they look. in fact, probably better.

The Weepies concert. It's a husband and wife duo (with bass player in the back) and they are the most precious couple. They laugh at each other and you can tell they love what they do and love doing it together. Loved it.
Here she is on the piano- her voice is amazing not to mention she plays a bunch of instruments.  Harold and I both think that her voice reminded us of Allison Krauss.  There's a clearness and uniqueness about it that I love.

Here's an itty bitty video of her playing one of my faves. The concert was in a small venue which was nice because it's much more intimate. They were excellent live and they did some of their songs how they originally played them, instead of how they turned out in the studio- and to be honest I usually liked the originals better.  Their stage presence was genuine and charming, a lot like their music.  I really loved it and Harold enjoyed himself too.

All-in-all a great weekend filled with good food, great music, a bit of shopping and enjoying the easy going city of New Orleans.

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Brooke said...

have to agree with your comment on the Weepies...their original acoustic songs they played during their concert were SO GOOD!