September 15, 2011

his birthday is just as great!

On Tuesday it was Harold's birthday and being that I love birthdays and I love Harold I was probably the most excited for his special day. As in, I-was-counting-down the-days-'til-his-birthday-kind-of-excited. He turned a ripe 28 years of age and we had a great celebration.  It started out early with a weekend trip to New Orleans last weekend (more on that later) which was a blast and then a fun little birthday evening after a long, hard days work for him.

This guy wanted a cookie cake for his birthday cake.. and boy are they good. We've been eating it with every meal since.

the birthday boy!

We got a puppy for his birthday!!!!
just kidding.. we just went to the puppy store that's in our mall and this cute lil guy was running around the store. We really want a dog but we're going to have to wait a bit for one..

What a happy evening of birthday celebrations it was.  I think one of Harold's favorite gifts was a book of birthday messages from some of his friends.  I secretly emailed them and asked for each of them to send me a birthday message for Harold and I put them all together and he absolutely loved reading each passage.  Being away from and missing his friends, especially on his birthday, it was great to have a little piece of them in this book. A big thank you to his friends for doing this and really making his birthday special!

I couldn't be happier celebrating his birthday and feel so lucky to be able to celebrate the rest of his birthdays with him.  He is so deserving of all the happiness in the world, especially the happiest of birthday celebrations. Happy Birthday, buddy.

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Mrs. Ham said...

haha that dog smooshed face!!! i'm so glad you took a photo of this! happy bday Harold!