November 14, 2011

pizza is for lovers

If I would have to eat one food for the rest of my life it would be pizza. It really doesnt get any better than this little pie of goodness- plus have you ever met a person that doesn't like pizza? I doubt it. Well it's safe to say it's one of my favorite foods so when I came across this easy way to make personal pizzas at home I was thrilled (as was Harold- probably his favorite thing I make), plus it's super easy. double whammy.

Anyways here's how I do it:

-Buy a pack of naan (indian flatbread) for the crust. (I know, I know- you're confused.  Well here in Florida at Publix Grocery Store they sell naan in packs of two and the brand is called Stoneground.  It's really good and fresh, and makes a perfect crust for pizza- we buy the whole wheat one and it is super yummy.  I don't know if they have something like this at say a Smith's or something but I would try and look because not only is it perfect for pizza crust but it can also be used for sandwiches and of course with indian food- whcih Harold and I have almost on a weekly basis)

Really the naan is the big secret- everything else is typical pizza making stuff.  Put your sauce on (I buy it from the store but you can make it too- real easy.) Then I put on mozzarella cheese and whatever toppings I feel like.  Then put it in the oven @ 400 degrees for 10-12 min.

Above pizza we did a half and half.  One half we did hot wing sauce, blue cheese, red onions and tomatoes.  Other half was onions, green pepper, tomatoes, pesto and cream cheese.  A local pizza joint here does pizzas with variety of toppings and on one of their pizzas has cream cheese and we love it so we copied and do it ourselves. the pesto and cream cheese is a great combo. 

We have made it our tradition to do this every Sunday after church for lunch.  It's also a great option when you need to make a quick meal.  Either way it's delish and Harold and I both love it.


p.s. yesterday (when I started to write this post) was our 6 month anniversary. It's crazy to think that we have been married for half a year already. It seems like just yesterday when he asked me to marry him. sure glad he did.

-love, 6-months-and-counting-Mrs. Abell


Erica+Matson said...

So for the search of that bread!

Heather and Taylor said...

You are the cutest wife ever!!

Carolene said...

Make it for us when you come home for Christmas!!

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You should check it out =)